Pineapple Banana Detox Smoothie

pineapple banana detox smoothie

This creative blend of soft and sweet fruit makes for the perfect smoothie any time of the year. The pineapple and banana detox smoothie isn’t just a really healthy beverage that tastes great; This yummy smoothie can also help you lose weight and prevent bloating as well! It’s the perfect little treat for anyone who wants to get healthy while drinking something that really does look as good as it tastes. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Try the easy pineapple banana detox smoothie recipe below for yourself to see how good losing weight can taste. It takes only a few minutes to prepare!

pineapple banana detox smoothie recipe

Pineapple Banana Detox Smoothie Ingredients
1 Cup Pineapple
1 Banana
1 Apple
2 Cups Spinach
1 Cup Water

After you’ve collected the ingredients above simply blend them all together and then enjoy! Making pineapple banana detox smoothies at home is easy and your friends will enjoy them too. What kind of health benefits can you expect from drinking these? Suppressed appetite, rejuvenated skin and better mental clarity are just a few! Stop waiting and try making this smoothie for yourself today!

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